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Per pound services are simply an estimate. We will weigh your laundry on our certified scales and update your order accordingly.

It couldn’t be simpler, We provide you with a branded Tropix Laundry bag that you get to fill to the top(bag must be able to close) We then charge only the flat per bag regardless of its weight and contents (certain restrictions apply).

No sneakers/shoes, animal beds, carpets, rugs horse blankets or items with feces(items covered with feces should be rinsed and pre-soaked to be accepted). Additional bags will be charged separate flat rate per bag. BOGO deals are limited to one free bag per customer.

New customers can fill a standard 13 gallon kitchen trash bag. Your laundry will be returned to you in a new branded, Tropix Laundry bag which you can use as a future flat rate bag. 

If you need additional flat rate bags, simply let us know via email or by giving us a call. We can provide you additional bags free of charge.

Typically, flat rate bags hold over 2 loads of laundry or anywhere from 24-35 pounds depending on the type of material or the soil level. 

Our introductory promotion of buy one get one free is for first time customers only. By signing up to our newsletters and following us on social media, customers can receive occasional additional promotions such as buy one get one free and other great discounts. Simply enter the promotion listed on our site or social media to the promo box to take advantage of our promotions. PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST ENTER A PROMO CODE TO RECEIVE YOUR PROMOTIONS. Promotions are valid only once per customer.  Only one free bag per customer.