Modern Self Service Laundromat

Saving money is important, but so is saving time. These are both benefits of using our state of the art machines to get large amounts of laundry done in no time. Not only are our machines larger, efficient and more effective at getting your laundry clean quickly, our machines can spin up your clothes to over 200G’s of centrifugal force to extract as much water as possible before finishing the cycle. This means less time in the dryer and a quicker visit to the laundromat, especially with multiple, large loads of laundry or large items such as comforters and blankets.

We Love Our Guests, So What Else Do We Offer?

Free soap every Tuesday and Thursday
Reduced pricing every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Free coffee and snacks Saturdays and Sundays (while supplies last)
More bonus money per customer added money than other laundromats
Birthday and Wash to Win loyalty bonuses awarded over time (card registration required)
Newer machines
Cleanest laundromats hands down
Safe, well lit location
Free Wifi and TV
Vending machines and games
Friendly and helpful bilingual attendants
A variety of name brand laundry products such as tide available for sale
Free Dry

(Varies per location, contact local facility for availability)