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Getting your laundry done is an important, necessary part of our lives. Whether you are leisurely out and about, performing customer service, working or simply sleeping in your bed, clean laundry allows us to make a great impression or live our lives clean, comfortably and fresh. We offer a full range of services for your convenience. Whether you’re a commercial client, a Drop-off wash and fold customer or you prefer to perform self service on our modern machines, we have you covered.


Running a business is not easy work. One of the best ways to see it grown is managing how to automate it efficiently. We can help you by covering your laundry needs so that your attention can stay focused on other more intricate parts of your business. Please contact us to learn how we can help make laundry one less thing to worry about. Call 301-987-1506 or email us at

Time is the most valuable time you have. We want you to spend it doing the things you want. Allow us to take your laundry via our drop-off wash/fold service and get that time back. We have same day service available as well if you need your laundry back immediately. Call 301-987-1506 or email us at

We know your time is important and we also know you value your self reliance. Yet studies show that doing laundry at home can cost you more in both time and money. Tropix Laundromat on the other hand offers easy to use, powerful, large machines designed to handle much larger loads quickly. Our goal is to get you in and out in under an hour no matter how much laundry you bring. On top of also being the cleanest facility, we offer excellent staff to help speed up your process.

Try our new delivery option. Same excellent service you expect from our drop-off service but conveniently picked up and delivered right to your front door.